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Commercial Tinting

With over hundreds of businesses Protected by Eclipse Tint from the harsh Australian sun, feel safe knowing that your employees and business will be protected to.

Residential Tinting

Bringing comfort in your home lifestyle is something everyone is striving for, and with Eclipse Tint hundreds of satisfied home owners now feeling comfortable in their homes, you want to be one too?

Security & Safety Films

Are you wanting to feel that your home or business has the protection it deserves, Eclipse Tint has protected hundreds of square metres of glass from break ins & vandalism.

Living in comfort

Wanting to feel comfortable and protected in your living space has brought you to Eclipse Tint. Living shut out to the world by closed blinds, curtains and venetians for privacy, and roller shutters down for security is a life of the past. You have now found the answer to your modern desires with Eclipse Tint.

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