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    How to Decrease Your Energy Bill With Window Tinting

    How to Decrease Your Energy Bill With Window Tinting

    Can you really save on your energy bill with window tinting?

    There are several reasons why you might want to consider window tinting. Some reasons include more privacy, improved aesthetics, and most of all, lowered energy costs.

    You already have the look you want in your home, right? So, there’s no use in wasting money on replacing your windows. Window tinting is a budget-friendly option for anyone that wants to make their home more energy-efficient. With high-quality window film, you’ll be able to maximise comfort and your budget.

    When you opt for tinted or frosted windows, you can expect up to an 80% reduction in heat throughout your home. Window film also keeps your home energy efficient in the cooler months by retaining more heat and saving you on heating costs. Considering that heating and cooling likely account for almost half your energy bill, you can expect the savings to start adding up immediately.

    Benefits of professional installation

    If you live in Melbourne and want to create an energy-efficient home, window film is a great option in our ever-changing climate. If you’re unsure where to start, contact us at Eclipse Tint. Our dedicated professionals provide the best in window tinting and comfort solutions.