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    How to increase comfort in your Melbourne Apartment all year round

    How to increase comfort in your Melbourne Apartment all year round

    Keeping your Melbourne apartment cool all year round, not only benefits you but it also benefits our environment. Applying window film to your glass has a multitude of benefits. Here we will talk about how window tint can reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills, maximise your privacy and increase the comfort in your apartment to make it truly feel like a home.

    How Window Tint Reduces your Energy Consumption:

    Window tint improves the insulation of your apartment, home, and office by filtering out the ultraviolet radiation produced by the sun. Window tint blocks the solar heat by stopping it from passing through the glass and maintains the climate in the room. In turn, you’re reducing your carbon footprint because you no longer need a split system to control the temperature of your room. Heating and cooling costs drop dramatically, saving you money on your energy bills, It’s a win-win.

    Key benefits:

    • Reduce solar heat and glare.
    • Increase natural sunlight.
    • Blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays decreases the heat penetrating through your windows, which otherwise act as a magnifying glass, causing your apartment to heat up inside and become hotter than the outside temperature.
    • Reduce up to 86% of the heat from entering your apartment.
    • Save on energy bills.
    • Reduce carbon footprint.
    • Protect your health.
    • Reduces fading of furnishings such as carpets, hardwood flooring, furniture, and other parts of your home, making for a longer-lasting and maintenance-free living.

    How to increase the privacy
    in your apartment?

    Living in an apartment has many incredible perks: beautiful views, no lawn to mow, a greater sense of security. Sadly, your privacy can still be invaded. Especially when you open your curtains/blinds to maximise the natural light. Window film gives you a sense of security, allowing you to look outside easily while preventing peering eyes from looking into your private space. Different films have different levels of privacy and security.

    *When you book a face-to-face consultation with one of Eclipse Tints Professionals, we can show you different films until we find a perfect fit for your apartment, home, or business.

    Key benefits:

    • Stop people seeing into your home.
    • Anti-static coating layer on the film helps the tint stay cleaner for longer. Fingerprints, scuff marks, and watermarks wipe straight off with a microfibre cloth and no chemicals, saving time and money on expensive cleaning products.
    • Keep curtains/blinds open knowing that no one can see you in your pyjamas in the morning, a feeling you never knew you would fall in love with until you have your windows tinted.

    Once the window tint has been installed, you will feel cooler and more comfortable in your apartment.

    Contact Eclipse Tint to book your free consultation and find the tint that best suits you and your needs.