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    Security Film is an invisible layer of protection for your most vulnerable breach points.

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    As proud members of WFAANZ, Eclipse Tint upholds the highest standards in window film application. Our commitment to ethics, trust, and unparalleled expertise ensures your tinting experience exceeds expectations.

    Our team is proudly WERS For Film accredited, representing Australia’s pinnacle in energy-efficient window tinting. Recognised as experts, we issue WERS certificates, ensuring optimal energy solutions for home and building owners.

    As a certified leader in architectural window films, Eclipse Tint is backed by over a decade of experience ensuring premium quality, expert installation, and cutting-edge energy efficiency and aesthetic enhancement solutions.

    Someone breaking into your property is your biggest fear. Family and valuables are at risk without Security window film.

    Unwanted break-ins

    Intruders can easily break in through unprotected glass panes.

    Theft of Assets

    Priceless assets and business equipment are a headache to replace when stolen.

    Negative aftereffects

    Dealing with insurance and sleepless nights worrying about break-ins happening again.

    Unprotected glass is a major weak point. Security Window Film is a perfect upgrade.

    Protecting your asset with Clear Security Window film is Easy

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    Security window film will secure your property and protect your valuables.

    Increased Integrity

    Turning your glass into protection barriers in case of accidental or intentional damages.

    Invisible Protection

    Complete transparency with a full effect of protection

    Safety Standards

    Safety window films in Australia adhere to stringent standards, ensuring impact resistance, glass retention, and proper installation for enhanced building safety and security.


    Security Upgrade

    Security window film is a game-changer for everyday life, offering peace of mind like never before. With enhanced glass protection against break-ins, accidents, and harmful UV rays, it ensures safety, privacy, and energy efficiency in your home or office. Enjoy a more secure and comfortable daily routine while safeguarding your loved ones and belongings.

    Safety Increase

    Discover the transformative power of safety window film in your daily life. Say goodbye to worries about shattered glass during accidents or break-ins. Our window film offers protection, increased security, and UV defence, keeping your loved ones safe, your privacy intact, and your energy bills in check. Experience a more secure and comfortable day-to-day existence with our top-notch safety window film solutions.

    Anti-Graffiti Protection

    Elevate your day-to-day life with anti-graffiti film. Bid farewell to the frustration of graffiti vandalism on your windows and surfaces. Our high-quality film is a protective shield, making graffiti removal a breeze. Enjoy pristine, unspoiled views and maintain a polished appearance for your home or business effortlessly. Choose anti-graffiti film in Melbourne for hassle-free, long-lasting cleanliness and curb appeal.