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    As proud members of WFAANZ, Eclipse Tint upholds the highest standards in window film application. Our commitment to ethics, trust, and unparalleled expertise ensures your tinting experience exceeds expectations.

    Our team is proudly WERS For Film accredited, representing Australia’s pinnacle in energy-efficient window tinting. Recognised as experts, we issue WERS certificates, ensuring optimal energy solutions for home and building owners.

    As a certified leader in architectural window films, Eclipse Tint is backed by over a decade of experience ensuring premium quality, expert installation, and cutting-edge energy efficiency and aesthetic enhancement solutions.

    Your clear windows are causing you issues

    Blinding sunlight makes computer screens almost impossible to read with office glare in Melbourne? Our commercial window tinting reduces harsh sunlight, cuts down on screen glare, and enhances workplace comfort, efficiently solving common glare issues in Melbourne’s offices

    Experiencing the discomfort of excessive heat while working is irritating. Beat Melbourne’s unpredictable temperatures with our commercial window tinting. It keeps offices cooler in summer and warmer in winter, offering a comfortable, energy-efficient workspace year-round.

    Employees find focusing challenging, leading to declining productivity. Enhance concentration and productivity in Melbourne offices with our window tinting. It reduces distractions from outside light and noise, creating a focused, serene work environment

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    Window Film Increases Efficiency and Saves time

    Experience the benefits of window films in Melbourne offices: they not only boost concentration by eliminating glare and regulating light, but also create a tranquil workspace, fostering enhanced focus and efficiency, Minimising the disruptive glare, enhances comfort and productivity.

    Maximize energy savings in Melbourne with our window films. They reduce reliance on air conditioning by maintaining optimal office temperatures, significantly cutting down on energy costs Reducing the amount of heat that enters.

    Increasing privacy naturally reduces external distractions without hindering natural Light. Our window films in Melbourne offer a dual advantage: they enhance office privacy while still allowing natural light, ensuring a secluded yet bright workspace environment

    Reduce up to 90% of the Total Solar Energy with Window Films

    Energy Savings

    Business owners benefit from energy-efficient solutions, and Commercial Window Tinting delivers just that. By reducing heat transfer and blocking harmful UV rays, it ensures a comfortable indoor temperature while lowering cooling expenses. Office Window Tinting not only enhances workplace comfort but also cuts utility costs for a greener bottom line.

    Enhance Productivity

    Glare can hinder productivity, but Office Window Tinting provides an effective solution. Business Window Tinting reduces glare from natural and artificial lighting, creating a workspace that fosters concentration and efficiency. Improve your employees’ comfort and productivity with the simple addition of Commercial Window Tinting.

    Privacy and Security

    Privacy and security are paramount in business. Commercial Window Tinting not only ensures privacy by preventing unwanted views into your office but also enhances security. With added glass reinforcement, it deters break-ins and vandalism, protecting your business assets and confidentiality. Invest in the safety and privacy of your business with Business Window Tinting solutions.