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    Increasing Your Privacy is Achievable.

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    As proud members of WFAANZ, Eclipse Tint upholds the highest standards in window film application. Our commitment to ethics, trust, and unparalleled expertise ensures your tinting experience exceeds expectations.

    Our team is proudly WERS For Film accredited, representing Australia’s pinnacle in energy-efficient window tinting. Recognised as experts, we issue WERS certificates, ensuring optimal energy solutions for home and building owners.

    As a certified leader in architectural window films, Eclipse Tint is backed by over a decade of experience ensuring premium quality, expert installation, and cutting-edge energy efficiency and aesthetic enhancement solutions.

    Feeling uncomfortable of prying eyes invading your personal space? Without Privacy window film, this will continue.

    you can’t enjoy letting the daylight into your home because you’re afraid of by passers looking in.

    your workplace has no privacy, leaving clients and staff members feeling anxious.

    without privacy, there is a decrease in productivity.

    Your windows put your life on display; Privacy Window Film is the perfect solution.

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    Reclaim your personal space and live in peace with Privacy Window Films.

    enjoy the daylight without prying eyes.

    once your privacy is increased you will no longer feel vulnerable.

    privacy films enable you to hone in and focus on your daily tasks.

    Privacy Window Film Will Reduce the visibility of observers looking in.

    Enhanced Privacy

    Privacy window film Melbourne offers an immediate boost in confidentiality for your home or office. It transforms clear glass into a protective shield, preventing prying eyes from peering inside. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your personal space remains private and secure.

    Glare Reduction

    Say goodbye to annoying glare with privacy window film. It reduces sunlight and artificial light reflections, creating a comfortable, glare-free environment for work or relaxation. Enhance productivity and well-being by eliminating distractions and discomfort caused by excessive brightness.

    99% UV Protection

    Protect your health and interior furnishings with privacy window film Melbourne. It blocks harmful UV rays that can cause skin damage and fade furniture, artwork, and flooring. With this film, you can enjoy natural light while safeguarding your health and preserving the longevity of your belongings.