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    An Easy, Energy Efficient solution for your single-glazed windows.

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    As proud members of WFAANZ, Eclipse Tint upholds the highest standards in window film application. Our commitment to ethics, trust, and unparalleled expertise ensures your tinting experience exceeds expectations.

    Our team is proudly WERS For Film accredited, representing Australia’s pinnacle in energy-efficient window tinting. Recognised as experts, we issue WERS certificates, ensuring optimal energy solutions for home and building owners.

    As a certified leader in architectural window films, Eclipse Tint is backed by over a decade of experience ensuring premium quality, expert installation, and cutting-edge energy efficiency and aesthetic enhancement solutions.

    Feeling cold and wasting money on heating bills? Without Thermal insulation Window film, that will continue to happen.

    Even with your heating running, it still feels cold.

    Your heating isn’t efficient, causing you to spend big bucks.

    If only replacing your windows with double-glazing wasn’t so expensive.

    It’s frustrating that most of your heating escapes through your glass. Thermal window film is the perfect solution

    Keeping your space warmer is easy

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    Retain your Heating and Increase the Comfort of your Property all year round with Thermal Low E window film

    With the right Window Insulation Film, say goodbye to up to 49% of thermal heat loss.

    Think of the savings on energy bills when your heating system doesn’t have to work overtime.

    It feels like a double-glazed window without the hefty installation process or cost.

    Stop 49% of the heat loss with an installation of our Thermal Low-e window film

    Improved Energy Efficiency

    Thermal window insulation film delivers remarkable energy efficiency benefits. By minimising heat transfer through windows, this insulation film helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

    UV Protection

    Discover the advantages of double-glazed film, not only for energy savings but also for UV protection. This insulation film blocks harmful UV rays, safeguarding your health and interior furnishings from damage. Additionally, it enhances privacy, ensuring a glare-free and comfortable living or working space.

    Glare Reduction

    Insulation film, such as thermal window film, offers exceptional glare reduction, creating a more comfortable environment for everyday activities. Whether working or relaxing, this film minimises glare from the sun and artificial lighting while providing energy-efficient insulation, enhancing your daily life.