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    The Sun Heats 87% of your property through your Glass.

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    As proud members of WFAANZ, Eclipse Tint upholds the highest standards in window film application. Our commitment to ethics, trust, and unparalleled expertise ensures your tinting experience exceeds expectations.

    Our team is proudly WERS For Film accredited, representing Australia’s pinnacle in energy-efficient window tinting. Recognised as experts, we issue WERS certificates, ensuring optimal energy solutions for home and building owners.

    As a certified leader in architectural window films, Eclipse Tint is backed by over a decade of experience ensuring premium quality, expert installation, and cutting-edge energy efficiency and aesthetic enhancement solutions.

    Your air conditioning system can't keep up with the heat. Without Solar Window Tint, that will continue to happen.

    Causes discomfort day and night, equalling trouble sleeping.

    Air conditioning systems can’t keep up with extreme heat.

    Electricity prices are rising, costing a fortune to cool your place.

    Your windows are letting in most of the Heat. Solar Window Tint will reject that heat.

    Keeping you cooler is easy:

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    Feel Comfortable and Increase the Efficiency of your Cooling system with Solar window film.

    Your Airconditioning system will work easier, using less energy, saving you $$

    Reject up to 90% of the heat penetrating through the glass with a single layer of film.

    Feeling cooler in a heat wave is paramount to a good night’s rest and less fatigued

    Reduce up to 90% of the Total Solar Energy and Increase your Comfort and Efficiency.

    99% UV Protection

    Residential window tinting ensures potent UV protection home tint. Traditional windows often fall short in blocking harmful rays, but with our home window films, you get robust home window UV block. This safeguards your interiors from fading and offers health benefits by reducing harmful sun exposure.

    Enhance Privacy

    Our house window tint doesn’t just offer enhanced privacy window tint for houses. With energy-saving window films for homes, you can maintain your privacy while reaping the benefits of reduced energy costs. These tints act as a residential sun control film, ensuring comfort without escalating bills.

    Save Energy

    Experience the best of both worlds with our solar films for residences. These are more than just aesthetic enhancements; they combine the advantages of privacy window tint for houses with the efficiency of energy-saving window films for homes. The result? A home that looks great and feels even better.