Protection for Your Greatest Asset

Films with Integrity

Safety and Security Films

Your ultimate line of defence against break-ins, vandalism and extreme weather.

From spray paint graffiti to smash and grab robbers, property owners and managers are in a constant battle to protect the glass and property. Our safety and security films provide the perfect solution. With the unique polyester construction bonded with special adhesives, our films can provide protection for your family’s safety or to protect millions of dollars of assets in your building.

Take control of the vulnerable glass throughout your building. Once installed by the Eclipse team, safety and security film will strengthen your glass against unforeseen and unwanted events keeping your people and furnishings safe from harm.

Our Security & Safety film is optically clear and undetectable to the naked eye, so won’t hamper views. It also includes an industry leading stretch scratch resistant coating that helps prevent ugly scratches.

  • Protects against; Broken glass hazards, accidents, forced entry, extreme weather, seismic activity & bomb blasts.
  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays; Minimises UV health risks to skin and eyes and reduces fading of furnishings.
  • Rejects heat; Solar control shades help to balance hotspots and reduce heat gain.
  • CST scratch resistant hardcoat; Long lasting durability, protection and clarity
  • Easily cleaned with everyday household window cleaning products.
  • Backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Frosting and Decorative Films

Enhance the privacy of your office or home with frosting films.


Increase Your Privacy

Maintain your modern open space design while keeping more personal spaces separated from high traffic public areas


Elevate Interior Design

Use frosts patterns textures and gradients to interior spaces with a wide range of options from subtle to dramatic


Mimic Specialty Glass

Achieve the timeless look of each door textured glass minus the expense of window or glass replacement


Hide Clutter

Completely shield or partially obscure views while still allowing lots of desirable natural light to pass through

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