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    How to Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency with Window Film

    If you already have air conditioning installed in your home or office building, you might think you have no use for window film, especially during the warmer months. However, window film boosts the functionality of your air conditioner, allowing you to go longer without maintenance and even save money!

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    Upgrade Your Office Space with Privacy Window Film

    The whole idea of a co-working space started out as a very positive idea. However, over time people realized that they still need a sense of privacy if they want to be fully engaged in their work. In this blog, we will go through what benefits to expect when you install frosted privacy film in any of your office spaces.

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    How to increase your Security with Clear Safety Film

    As crime rates are on the rise, natural disasters are becoming more frequent, and accidents more common, increasingly more Australians are looking for ways to protect their assets from these unfortunate events. Gone are the days of fitting steel bars to deter thieves or boarding up your windows when a storm is coming. Now a […]

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    How to Prevent Fading for Timber Flooring

    We must all agree that sunlight beaming through your windows onto a hardwood floor is one of the most comforting and homely sights there are. The unfortunate problem with this is that the sunlight, and the radiation that comes with it, is very damaging for the wood. In this blog, you will learn more about what causes floor warping, and floor discolouring and how to fix these preventable issues.

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