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    How solar control window film can reduce your carbon footprint

    How solar control window film can reduce your carbon footprint

    Living in Melbourne, Australia, we are lucky to experience all four seasons, but maintaining a comfortable temperature during the roasting hot days of summer and the frosty cold nights of winter requires significant amounts of energy usage. Resulting in energy consumption all year round to power your heating or cooling systems.

    Our Solar Protection Window Film is highly effective to help you reduce not only your carbon footprint but also unwanted heat gain, glare, blocking solar UV, fading of furnishings, and energy costs.

    Here we have four main benefits to installing Solar Protection window tint on your residential or commercial glass windows.

    Heat Reduction

    This transparent, micro-thin film reduces high quantities of energy waste by rejecting solar heat and reflecting the solar UV rays off the window. Solar control window film uses nano-technology to block out 99% of the UV rays and rejects up to 86% of the solar heat coming through your windows. Our Solar control window film acts as an insulator, retaining the cool air produced by your air conditioner, making your investment more comfortable. This solution helps reduce the use of power and conserves energy, saving you money on your energy bills and preserving our environment for generations to come.

    Glare reduction

    Glare can cause discomfort in your home/office, also making it difficult to view screens such as;

    • Laptops,
    • Desktop computers,
    • Televisions,
    • Smartphones, and
    • Cameras.

    The sun’s glare can cause strain in your eyes and cause headaches.

    Our solar control window film filters the light that passes through the film, reflecting specific wavelengths out while allowing others to pass through.

    Solar UV protection

    Your windows can act as a magnifying glass, and the solar UV rays will slowly destroy your internal flooring and furnishings over time. The UV radiation causes materials to discolour, fade, and deteriorate with excessive solar UV exposure.

    This window film rejects the solar UV radiation and prolongs the life of your home and offices furnishings and internal flooring.


    Installing window film is less expensive than purchasing curtains/blinds, which provide you with privacy only when they’re closed. Solar Control window film protects your privacy while allowing natural filtered sunlight to enter your home or office rooms.

    Enjoy the benefits of:

    • Leaving your curtains/blinds open during the day.
    • Inviting natural sunlight to enter your home (or) office.
    • Privacy and safety in high traffic public areas
    • Reducing energy consumption
    • Blocking out the solar UV rays.
    • Glare reduction.
    • Reducing fading of furnishings.
    • Reducing energy costs.
    • Rejecting unwanted heat gain.

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