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    How this simple investment can help save your health and belongings

    How this simple investment can help save your health and belongings

    A property isn’t complete without windows. They encourage the natural daylight to enter indoors, increase the property’s aesthetic and allows you to enjoy the view. Windows play an essential role in houses and buildings, but they can also bring complications, such as exposing you, your family, employees, and furnishings to damaging electromagnetic radiation.

    Solar Energy has three major electromagnetic radiations:

    Ultraviolet radiation – makes up just over 8% of the total solar energy.

    Infrared radiation – makes up 49.4% of the total solar energy.

    Visible light – makes up 42.3% of the total solar energy.

    UV radiation isn’t part of the visible spectrum of light; it can not be seen nor felt. Our senses do not detect UV radiation.

    You may already be aware that UV exposure causes a change in our DNA that can lead to premature aging and skin cancer, but are you aware of the damage UV radiation can do to your furnishings?

    UV radiation alters objects’ chemical bonds and begins to break down those bonds, causing furnishings to appear bleached or faded.

    Infrared radiation (IR) is invisible to the human eye, but it is felt as heat. Prolonged exposure to IR can cause a common eye disease called cataracts. Because IR can not be seen, the normal contraction of the pupil does not happen, meaning your eyes are overexposed to IR without your knowledge. The damage IR can cause to the eye’s cornea may accumulate cataracts within 10-20 years.

    IR also causes chemical and mechanical changes, causing objects and materials to dry and fade.

    The Earth’s orbit brings countries in the southern hemisphere closer to the Sun. Melburnians are at risk nine out of twelve months of harmful electromagnetic radiation, and solar protection is essential from August to April.

    Eclipse Tint’s mission is to help you find a solution to keep your family, your employees, yourself, and your furnishings safe while enjoying the comforts of your living and working space. Installed by our Melbourne window tinting specialists to your residential or commercial property, we will block out 99% of the UV radiation and up to 86% of the infrared radiation from passing through your glass.

    There are many benefits to tinting your residential or commercial property, such as:

    Infrared Radiation (solar heat) Rejection

    Window Tint (Protection) can reject up to 86% of the infrared heat entering your glass.

    *The percentages vary between film type and shades.

    UV Block

    Solar control window film uses nanotechnology to block out 99% of the UV radiation.

    Reduce Energy Costs

    By blocking out the Infrared radiation (solar heat), you will reduce the use of your climate control systems and conserve energy, saving you money on your energy bills.

    Glare Reduction

    The Sun’s glare can cause significant strain on your eyes, headaches and discomfort while watching TV or working on digital screens. Window Film reduces up to 93% of the glare by filtering out specific wavelengths that pass through the film.

    *The percentages vary between film type and shades.

    Reduce Fading of Furnishings

    Overexposure to direct UV and IR radiation causes materials to discolour, fade, and deteriorate. Window solutions (window film) will block out 99% of the UV radiation and up to 86% of the Infrared radiation.

    Video description: This video is a quick example of how our thermal efficiency films can instantly reduce the infrared radiation (solar heat) that penetrates through the glass. The window tint (protection) was applied, and within five minutes, you can see a noticeable difference of approximately a five to eight-degree drop. The lighter shade reduced 5 – 6 degrees, and the darker shade reduced about 8 – 9 degrees, and that’s within a five-minute install for a consultation.

    Our solar control window films are designed with nanotechnology to allow visible light to pass through the film while reflecting and absorbing infrared and UV radiation.

    Comfort | Protection | Efficiency is what we strive for.

    Contact Eclipse Tint, Melbourne’s window tinting experts, for a free quote and consultation.