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    How to clean tinted windows

    How to clean tinted windows

    Tinted windows are an excellent investment for your commercial or residential property, providing you with protection, security, and comfort. Knowing how to clean your windows after a window tinting service is crucial for the longevity of the window film. In this guide, you will find helpful tips and tricks that will help you maintain and prolong the life of your tinted windows.

    Before we get into the how-to, it’s essential to know what not to do.

    • Don’t clean the windows for up to 2 – 4 weeks after installing the film. Doing so will cause moisture absorption from the edges causing the tint to bubble up with water and damage the film.
    • Don’t use ammonia-based window cleaners. Ammonia causes the tint to discolour, bubble, and become fragile. 
    • Don’t clean the tinted side of the glass with sharp blade squeegees, scrapers, razor blades, paper towels, and or newspapers, as they will leave scratches in your tinted glass.

    What’s safe to use when cleaning the tinted side of the glass?

    You should avoid strong cleaning chemicals and buy an ammonia-free solution. 

    Eclipse Tint recommends diluted methylated spirits or soapy water. This is the best and cheapest alternative, producing excellent results. 

    Tools you will need:

    • Spray bottle.
    • Microfibre cloth.
    • Rubber squeegee.
    • Distilled water.
    • Stepladder.
    • Mild dishwashing liquid.

    How to clean tinted glass windows:

    1. Prepare your solution. Fill your spray bottle with distilled water and two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid.
    2. Spay the glass. Lightly and evenly spray the solution on the film, doing your best not to spray the frame and surrounding areas.
    3. Wipe over with a microfibre cloth. Using your index finger, wipe the moisture from the edges. Starting from the top, working your way down to the bottom. This will clear out the water and release the accumulated dirt.
    4. Repeat step 2.
    5. Squeegee the window. In one motion, squeegee all the moisture on the tint. Move the tool horizontally then vertically, creating a long snake, catching the water as it drops your way to the bottom, overlapping each motion.
    6. Final check over. Remove any marks from the window and frame with a dry microfibre cloth.
    Here’s a demonstration video of how to successfully clean your windows with a squeegee.

    Extra Notes:

    • Using products such as Windex breaks down the window film’s adhesive layers, causing the tint to fade and crack.
    • If you notice water bubbles and condensation under the film, don’t panic, this is not a sign that the installation has gone wrong. This is normal for freshly tinted windows. It takes 2 – 3 months for the film underneath to completely dry. Although, you can clean your tinted windows 2 – 4 weeks after installation.
    • Tinted windows reduce heat gain in your room.
    • Window tint prevents fading of furnishings and wood flooring.
    • Clean your tinted glass windows in the morning or in the evening when the glass panes are cool.
    • Cleaning your tinted windows frequently will extend the film’s lifespan.
    • Eclipse Tint’s window films are back with a lifetime warranty.

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